Thursday, February 26, 2009

Are You Scared to be Single Again?
With all of the doom and gloom about the economy bombarding us every time we turn on the TV, it is no wonder people are fearful. With job loss at an all time high, the high rate of foreclosures and a plummeting stock market, most people are nervous. if you are married and your spouse loses his job, you may have to live on one income. But if you are single and lose your income there may be no income coming in at all.
It can be scary to be divorced and single again. At least when you were married there was someone there to share your fears with. Together, you knew you could get through tough times . Now you are all alone and may have to be the primary caregiver and breadwinner in your family. This can feel overwhelming. You may even wonder why you got divorced in the first place. Was your marriage really that bad?
It is easy to let the fear take over but you need to take a deep breath and have some faith in yourself. You will be okay. Being single has many benefits, one is that you are free to call your own shots and create your life exactly how you want it to be. If you feed into all of the negativity that surrounds us nowadays and panic, you will see your worst fears realized.
Being responsible for your own financial and emotional well being can be frightening but it can also be empowering. Now is the time to take control of your emotions and face your fears. Some singles may be tempted to jump back into a relationship again to gain security, but is having so called security worth your freedom and happiness?
Hang in there and have faith. Things will improve, despite all of the dire warnings to the contrary. We will all get through these tough times. By being hopeful and having confidence in yourself as a single person, you will make it on your own.


chandi said...

"It can be scary to be divorced and single again"

You sure said it!

I have been going through separation for the past 2 years and the nitty gritty of the divorce for the past 6 months. Also, 6 months ago I had a severe burst appendix when I was in Italy and spent 3 weeks in an Italian hospital.

Healing from that has been a long, tough, road and I was not able to work... RIGHT when I lost my husband. I no longer had my primary person, for emotional or financial help, right when I desperately needed it.

Now the economy is horrible and I am not finding a job and I don't qualify to assume the loan on the house. It is a TOUGH TIME to be going through a divorce!

My blog is about the Italian hospital experience, and about my divorce process. I hope you'll visit!

cameronsharpe said...

Its better to start with new life, reason is why to care for those person who does not care for you. If he or she had some feeling for you he should not have divorced you, so better with new life, forget the past.

trisha said...

Sometime there comes a point when we just want to get away. The stress and anxiety of our daily life pushes us to taking a luxury holiday in the belief that it will prove the panacea for our problems. Put enough distance between us and them and they’ll go away. Sadly it isn’t always a successful strategy; worries can travel with us and spending two weeks lying on a beach, soaking up the sun may give more opportunity than we would like to dwell on them

Virginia Alimony Lawyers said...

Just before i met my husband, I suffered quite a few losses. My parent divorced and moved away from brisbane, I had moved to an unfamiliar part of Brisbane by myself, i'd broken up with my boyfriend of 5 years and had lost contact with alot of people from my past (it was a good thing though). Sure, I went through periods of lonliness, but it also taught me that i'm never alone, because i had me. It was a hard lesson to learn, but, i believe, an invaluable one. It taught me that, for me, feeling lonely and feeling alone aren't one and the same emotion.

Arlene M. said...

I am recently divorced after having been married for 27 years. I find the hardest thing is eating out alone. I hate it, so I will attempt to sit in the bar area unfortunately a single woman sitting at the bar seems to be a loser magnet! Any suggestions?

I also recently started blogging, a great form of therapy. I have a section listing books, I will have to add yours.

Divorce Utah said...

After divorce, people are too scared of being single but the most important thing to do is to move forward wisely. Just take one step at a time and you will start enjoying your singledom again.

Divorce Utah said...

After divorce, people are too scared of being single but the most important thing to do is to move forward wisely. Just take one step at a time and you will start enjoying your singledom again.

Family lawyers Brisbane said...

It's scary to live alone specially after having long period of marriage. At the time of divorce one should be mentally strong and should be prepare for upcoming life. Always be positive from point of view.

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