Wednesday, July 29, 2009

I have some great news. SWWAN (Single Working Women's Affiliate Network) is holding a series of online workshops from August 2- August 8th and my readers are invited to attend for free!

You won't want to miss "Secrets You Wish Your Mom Told You". 8 experts will talk about solving real-life issues--stuff you can take home and use immediately in your everyday life.

Pick your topic or topics, and when you register, SWWAN will give you a 100% discount--you'll get your sessions free (except for a 99 cent ticket fee).

When you register, use the code "speaker" (no quotes) to get your discount. Go to:

Here are some of the exciting presentations that you will have access to:

* "How to Write a Whole-Brain Resume" - Cat Thompson, video star and guru to the modern woman. Make your resume about REAL you. * "Living Fearlessly" - Michelle Kunz, owner of PEL Coaching, opera star, and advisor to the SWWAN Foundation. Learn how to conquer fears that get in your way.
* "The Emotion behind Money" - Julie Murphy Casserly, owner of JMC Wealth Management and author of the book, The Emotion behind Money. Learn how flawed beliefs about money can keep you from getting all you want.
* "How to Use Social Media for Marketing and Profit" - Chris King, owner of Creative Keys, publisher of Portfolio Potpourri, and professional storyteller. Demystify Twitter, LinkedIn and Facebook.
* "Surprising Truths about Being Single in the Workplace" - Dr. Karen Gail Lewis, provider of unique women's retreats and author of "With or Without a Man." Learn how to deal with hidden prejudices that keep you back.
* "Pursuit of Power through Networking" - Katrell Mendenhall,entertainment rerporter/writer and Founder of 100% Woman. Learn to develop personal power by networking the right way.
* "How to Package Yourself for Success Online" - Paula Constantino, founder of 1000 Women Can Change the World and the Women's Support Team . You already have skills that can make you money. Learn an easy way to package them into a product you can sell online. * "How to keep more of what you make in your home-based business" - Tina Frizzell-Jenkins. A home-based accountant tells all the secrets she's learned in 20 years.
Dates, times, course descriptions, and info about these dynamic experts are at: