Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Divorce Court Etiquette

First of all, remember that appearances count. The judge probably doesn’t know you, so you will be making a first impression. Dress appropriately for court. That means dress with care and respect, as you would for a business lunch with a group of conservative professional people (such as clergymen or schoolteachers). No jeans, nothing sexy or provocative, and no garish makeup. Certainly hide any tattoos or piercing. Wear your hair in a simple, neat style. You want to look sensible and responsible.

The same should be true of how you act. Remember what your mother said, and mind your manners. You should do this in any public part of the courthouse. The only place where you might have an excuse to let go is if there is a private, sealed-off room where you meet with your attorney. Otherwise remain quiet and calm at all times while in the courthouse. Don’t allow clerks, officers, or anyone else there to witness arguments, shouting matches, or anything more than quiet civilities between you and your spouse. Remember that sometimes the judge’s clerk has a lot of influence on the final decision. Don’t think that because the judge is out of the room that nobody is watching you and it doesn’t matter anymore. It’s best to have no contact with the opposition at all. Contact is the job of your attorney.


Carlos said...

Usually it is very difficult to come out of divorce successfully without facing any major problem. The article is nice, which is helping women to come out of divorce very successfully. I too agree that the appearance and behavior in front of the judge really matters. So one must be very careful with her dressing and behaviour style.

Athrunxala said...

My New Jersey divorce attorney told me the exact same thing as you've stated above. I was already prepared to dress and act as professional, not to say I don't do that already.