Saturday, October 13, 2007

Three Reasons To Throw Yourself A Divorce Party

1. You need closure. We mark important occasions with ceremonies, like weddings, christenings and funerals. Why not have a divorce party to officially end your marriage in a therapeutic way? If you are having a difficult time dealing with the end of your marriage, having an official ceremony where you are supported by friends may help you to move on with your life.

2. You need a good laugh. Divorce parties are known to be creative, funny and outrageous. Anything goes. You will have a great time with good friends and be able to inject some humor into your divorce. Being able to laugh , even in the most difficult times, is great therapy.

3. Your ex got half of all the appliances, dishes and other household items. Design your divorce party like a bridal shower and not only will you have a good time, you will be able to replace some much needed items. You may even want to create a registry so friends know exactly what you need.

If you do decide to throw a divorce party, have fun and enjoy yourself. Make this about beginning a new chapter in your life and closing the door on the past. A divorce party may be just what you need to start over and begin living your new life as a single woman.


Livin' La Vida Solo said...

However, it's also witness a death. I won't have a party but I will find some way to commemorate the death of one life and rebirth of another. Good post, great blog.

Christina Rowe said...

Thanks! You are so right, divorce is like a death, but at the same time can be the rebirth of a new life. By letting go and mourning the end of the marriage you open yourself up to exciting new possibilites.