Wednesday, April 25, 2007

One of the questions I get often is "How can I
write a book?". I think everyone has a story in
them that they want to share.
When I began writing my book, I knew very little
about publishers, editors, cover designers, interior
designers and printers. The process can be quite
I started writing my book by simply opening up
a Microsoft word document and writing. Every evening I would
write after my kids were asleep. I then hired an editor to help me
edit the book, chapter by chapter.
Recently my good friend, Jess Kennedy Williams, author of
Heartbreak-Free Dating, created an amazing new book writing
program that helps you start writing your first book tonight.
Jess has done such great job simplifying the book writing process and providing invaluable resources every new author needs.
If you are thinking about writing your first book, Jess is giving away
a free 5 day mini-course with the steps that you need to begin writing your book right away. Go to: to sign up.
How wonderful it would be if everyone shared their life experiences and challenges to help and inspire others. Get your story told and impact the world!

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