Thursday, April 26, 2007

I wanted to tell you about a woman I met last week at a seminar,in which she was profiled as a bestselling author of her book that just launched called “31 Days to Millionaire Marketing Miracles’,and the reason I want to talk to you about her, is because she went through a violent marriage, and brutal divorce, but bounced back to millionaire status, and she wants you to do that too.
Tracy has 2 stories, the one she lets other people read,and the one she usually keeps buried under the most embarrassing and devastating time of her life. She shared both stories with me,and I know by hearing them you will know that there is a better life just around the corner.
Here is what everyone knows - Tracy Repchuk is the CEO of4 successful companies, the first she started in 1985 at the age of 19. She is a Canadian Entrepreneur of the Year and Chamber of Commerce Business Woman of the Year nominee,and corporate, product and volunteer award recipient. This is her second book - her first "The Poetry of Business" was a huge success, and she has been involved with computers for over 22 years.
This is the side very few people know about - She started her first company while she was still in college at the age of 19, in 1985. Together with her college boyfriend, they planned our life together. She had made the big leagues by time she was 22 years old, driving her BMW, buying properties, extravagant vacations, Mercedes, the works.And then, she got engaged, but it's not what you're thinking,because 2 weeks before the wedding, he called it off. He was with someone else, and she had gotten pregnant, and he was going to marry her. She worked side-by-side through agony and heart ache,and watched him with her, while she still loved him. But the pain did not stop there. She did something foolish, and that was start to see someone who was clearly not right for her.And then yes, in June of 1989, she got married, while she was still reeling from this original devastation.
That is where her problems began, because within the very short9 months she was married, it was clear he had a temper, and it took her almost 4 years to get a divorce, cost thousands and thousands as he fought for every ounce that he could get out of her, emptied their personal bank account, emptied the house of the furniture while she was at work (he had just graduated as an Engineer so hadn't established his own career yet), and then he went after her company.

But, that wasn't the hard part. It all came tumbling down with the full fury of a tsunami, when during all of this, running a company,watching her ex-fiancé with his new wife and daughter, the wife wanted her out of the company. So, the locks to her business were changed, her business credit cards were cut off, the husband had cut off all of the personal credit cards, and he tried to keep her away from her company.She had 2 men vying for her company at the same time.
So what did she do? Well after months of trying to determine what had he done to the company that he needed her to not discover, she found out it was $100,000 in debt in her name, and the company still owed over $200,000 in deliverable custom programming projects, most of which all the money had been collected, taken as personal wages,and no work had occurred. Now what - right? Well, here's what she did.She got a loan for $80,000 and bought him out. She brought in a partner,which has now been her husband for 15 years, and pulled that company out of bankruptcy, restored the credit, delivered all of the projects with no funding to pay for them, and started again. While he moved directly across the street, doing the same thing, and stole all of her staff.
So what is the moral of her story? It could be many things, but today,it is about knowing that no matter what you are facing today, around the corner is something completely new – and you just have to keep walking forward, and not looking back.
Tracy saw a way for anyone to make their way out, and has written a beginner’s step-by-step guide to help people put their plan together. She saw the overwhelm of information they were experiencing, the frustration of not knowing where to start, the sense of failure as desire didn't meet expectations, and knew there needed to be a step-by-step plan that created a blueprint and order of what needed to be done, and when - so that you can rocket ride your progress, stay focused,and have a direct path to internet profits.
Over 300 pages to implementing the Internet Marketing strategies you need to build a solid foundation and keep you moving closer to your dreams.
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There is a way out. Together we'll make sure you get there.

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