Monday, December 01, 2008

When Will You Be Happy Again?
When you are going through a divorce you often wonder when you will begin to feel happy again. A divorce can feel like a dark cloud has parked itself over your head. With thoughts of your divorce consuming your ever waking moment, you may feel as if there no escape from the pain. You may not even remember what it felt like to be happy.
Don't worry, you will be happy once again. When is up to you. This may shock you but you could even be happy right now, in the midst of the pain, hurt and agony your divorce is causing you. You might not be be jumping for joy, but you can give yourself moments of happiness throughout your day.
How? By choosing to focus on the positive things in your life, despite what is happening with your divorce. Do your kids make you laugh? Does watching your favorite TV show or reading a good book bring you joy? What about a favorite hobby you have long forgotten? Start paying attention to the little pleasures in life. Eat your favorite ice cream, play with your dog, take your kids to the park and swing on the swing. Anything you can do to life your spirits even a little bit will help lighten your mood and help you get through the dark times of your divorce.
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Be encouraged that our life is not over even though it may feel like it. A chapter in our life has come to an end but a new chapter is beginning.

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