Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Deadbeat Dad Gives 1 Million Dollars to His College!...

I could not believe my eyes when I read that a deadbeat dad, who has refused to pay child support for years and owes $45,000 in back support, has bequested one million dollars to Michigan State University.

Is this unbelievable? This man has a million dollars to give away to a college, yet has refuses to support his two children. Greg Bradbury has acknowledged he had not paid child support but will not say why other than that "is is a very personal matter".

So this poor excuse for a father gets to choose whether or not he supports his kids? Apparently, since the state of Minnesota gave up on enforcing the child support order when his children turned 18, citing heavy caseloads. Katherine Bradbury, the mother of the two children was even told that " if I had been on public assistance, they would have been much more helpful."

There are many "father's rights" groups whining and complaining about how unfair child support is and how men never deserve to be punished for non-payment of child support because they cannot afford it.. I wonder how they will defend this guy? This man has at least one million dollars stored away to give to the University upon his death, yet cannot cough up the $45,00o in back child support he owes his children? I sincerely hope the state of Minnesota will freeze his assets and bring him into court. This man should be made an example of.

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Anonymous said...

This is an extreme example. What are the more typical outcomes? Men forced to live in poverty, assets frozen, alienated from their children, even put in prison...for failing to pay a bill! I wonder how supportive of the system you would be if you were sent to jail because you failed to pay money you owed. BTW, isn't frickin' DEBTOR'S PRISON one of those things that people who value civil liberties are supposed to not be in support of? Looks like principles are secondary to profits, at least when you're talking about the NOW crowd.