Sunday, February 03, 2008

Deadbeat Dad Runs For Office

I could not believe this story when I read that a Chicago man, who allegedly owes more than $82,000 in back child support, is running as a candidate
for Ward 47 Republican Committeeman in Chicago.

Gary Karlin disappeared 14 years ago, abandoning his young daughter. His ex-wife has been trying to locate him ever since. Imagine her shock when she googled his name and found him running for office as a "conservative".

This man should be arrested and barred from running for public office. How can someone who has broken the law expect to represent the people of his state? How sad for his daughter, now 16 years old, to see the father who has neglected and ignored her, make a mockery of the judicial system.

You have to wonder what someone like this is thinking. Recently, another deadbeat decided to protest his favorite's sports teams losing streak by camping out on the roof of a local bar and vowing not to come down until his team won. He basked in the media attention and was featured on TV. To his suprise, his ex-wife recoginzed him and reported him to the police. He was escorted off of the roof and arrested.

There needs to be tougher laws to catch these deadbeats who slip through the cracks and are allowed to amass tens of thousands of dollars in back support. Unfortunately, it is very difficult for a custodial parent to locate a parent who uses sneaky tactics to avoid paying support. These parents have no assets in their names, no bank accounts to seize and no wages to garnish. They stay one step ahead of the law, that is until their ego gets the best of them and they do something stupid like run for public office or go on television. More resources need to be allotted to investigating and apprehending these deadbeats.


AntonioFWW said...

Men do that all the time. And if they have a really good lawyer they make it really hard to get the money even if they don't hide. Here is a perfect example:

Ann Marie said...

You are absolutely right! I cannot believe some of these men think it is ok to just completely ignore their children and not pay their child support. Do they realize it is a law? It is mandated? It's not their decision, they have to support their child. I mean they woman didn't get herself pregnant, and the women are majorily the ones who have to handle it all. I have read so many stories on this topic on
Check it out
Ann Marie

Anonymous said...

What the story didn't mention is that Marie Weiller, Karlin, Hughes had cheated on Gary Karlin, then pulled a knife on him telling him she would carve his dick off if he didn't drop the divorce. She was arrested by the Glendale Heights Police department in Illinois in 1991. Violent behavior in women is often times why a man won't have anything to do with his family. More common than you think.

Christina Rowe said...

A man cannot use the excuse that his wife cheated on him or even threatened him to break the law and not pay child support. He could of obtained a restraining order against his wife and still paid the child support he was ordered to pay. Abandoning your children because you do not get along with your wife is no excuse.

Anonymous said...

Not mentioned in the story is the fact that Marie Karlin called several of Gary Karlin's employers and interfered with his job, got him fired or disciplined, well before he racked up any debt owed her. She doesn't look so innocent now.

Christina Rowe said...

There is still no exuse to break the law and not pay child support. It seems like you think that all of these excuses can justify this man's behavior. The wife's actions are not revelant here. He was ordered to pay child support by a judge and did not do so. That is the bottom line.

Anonymous said...

How could the man pay child support if his ex wife keeps calling his jobs and gets him fired? I don't understand. Could you explain it to me?

How could he see his daughter if his ex wife withheld visitation, before there was a law for that? Can you explain that to me?