Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Tough Times for Single Parents...

With the recent increases in gas and food prices and the new school year around the corner, single parents need all the help they can get stretching a dollar. For most of us, the next few weeks will be spent buying school clothes and supplies and having to spend money on school lunches, after school activities and all of the other expenses the new school year brings.

So if our earnings and/or child support has not increased, yet all of our expenses have, how are we supposed to get by? I think most of us are asking ourselves this question, especially after filling our gas tanks.

I have found a resource that can help single parents save money on groceries and you can also get free samples and discounts at restaurants. The site to go to is www.couponmom.com . Believe it or not, I found out about this site from my ex-husband. My kids went for a visit to NJ to see their father this summer and came back home bragging about how dad saves all this money on food shopping.

I asked my ex what he was doing and he said he is using the system taught on the coupon mom website. I checked it out and it seems logical. I will be using the system and the coupons in my own home now. So check out the site and hopefully it will help you cut costs on groceries too.

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nando said...

Christina, I am on the other side of the coin, my wife is a physician and supposedly should make more money than me, but is asking me to give her half of the private schools, more than 1400 dollars for in house babysitter, that will take care of my 4 year old son after he comes back from day care (around 3.30pm). Last July, she file for an order of protection, and now she is sleeping with another man and my children are at the mercy of her sister or mother when available. Yet I do not know why she threw me out of my house, because she was doing whatever she wanted and I never compalined. Now, she is devoting her time to this guy and my children are enclosed in the house during summer time.