Saturday, March 29, 2008

Deadbeat Dads Pay Child Support When Hunting Licenses Are Revoked..
Several states have implemented a new policy of denying fishing and hunting licenses to deadbeat parents who are behind on child support.
The plan has been a great success, with the state of Illinois collecting $130,000 in back child support.
One man in Maine reportedly paid $30,000 in child support arrears just so he could keep his hunting license!
What is wrong with these fathers? They have no problem abandoning their children financially, but cannot live without hunting and fishing? When I first heard about the plan to deny fishing and hunting licenses I assumed that if a person refused to pay child support, they were not going to care about not being able to fish or hunt. Obviously I was wrong.
How sad is it when a parent cares more about his own pleasures than the needs of his children. Wake up deadbeat parents. It is time to step up to the plate and take care of your children. You should be ashamed. There is no justification for avoiding child support. I don't care if you hate your ex or think the judge made an unfair ruling. If you are unemployed, go get a job. Put your children first. They are counting on you.

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noyb said...

I have that problem with my ex husband
he lives in unity maine and he is a real dead beat dad
he only pays support if the state makes him and he hardly gives our daughter the time of day
he's a top notch loser and biggest dead beat dad around