Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Lessons From A Millionaire
Tonight I held an amazing seminar where I interviewed
Best selling author and millionaire, Tracy Repchuk.
Tracy is the author of Millionaire Marketing Miracles.
I think the most important lesson I learned from Tracy
was on how to use pain and adversity to your advantage.
Tracy describe a time in her life when her business was in
over $100,000 in debt. What she did was make a list of all
of the creditors she owed money to and put that list in front of her each day to keep her motivated.
She realized that there was no way she could pay off that kind of money by getting
a regular job, so she plugged away at her business day in and day out with a fierce
determination to take her business to the top.
Today she owns 4 successful companies and is financially secure. But she still
uses pressure tactics to keep her on the top of her game. What I realized as Tracy
was talking was that sometimes we get too comfortable in life and we do not
take action.
Maybe we aren't even happy in our relationship or job but we stay because it is familiar and comfortable. It is too painful to think of taking a chance and possibly failing. So
we stay stuck in the same place.
That is why sometimes divorce or getting fired from your job can be the best
thing that has ever happened to you. you force yourself out of your rut because now you have to. It is a matter of survival.
So not all pressure is bad, leverage the stress and pressure you feel and make it work
for you, not against you. Let it push you to new levels in your life you never thought
were possible!
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